Introduction & Product Orientation

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This guide will help you discover and use eCoordinator effectively. It is designed to support specific tasks that you will perform on a regular basis. The skills taught in this guide build on one another so it is important to learn them in the order they are presented.


We will use a basic training methodology designed to structure and maximize your learning experience. As you learn each skill you will see icons that represent the methodology. Some skills may repeat the process multiple times.


Objectives for the training presented in this guide include a logically ordered presentation of the tasks that you will be performing as a volunteer coordinator. Here is a simplified list of those tasks and objectives:


1.Data Entry: enter information for organizations, opportunities, volunteers and clients into the database
2.Finding Data: grids and searches will help you sort through your data
3.Communication: post your opportunities online and email your volunteers
4.Matching: connect volunteers and clients with opportunities
5.Log books: collect hours and other information after service has been rendered
6.Reports: create reports based on the log books


Please note that this guide is designed to speak to a broader audience. Therefore, the terms you encounter throughout the course of this training will be the generic, or system default terms. For example, some of our customers prefer the term "participant" over "volunteer." Others may substitute "refer" and "place" with "request" and "assign." Due to the customizable nature of the system, trainers must help students identify the differences, and appropriate their dialogue accordingly. You may see items in this training that you have elected to turn off in your own system.


If you have any questions, comments, feedback or require any other assistance, please contact:


Samaritan Technologies Client Serivces*

Phone: 1-888-904-6060 option 4



*Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm Mountain Time (Mountain Time Zone observes Daylight Saving Time).


This training will cover the basics for the eCoordinator and eRecruiter systems. However, the system includes additional functionality that you can learn more about in the User's Manual, as accessed from the Menu> Help> Help file. These include Sign-In, the Approver's System, Automatic Email Alerts, User Defined Fields, and Surveys, among others.